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Is Croatian very difficult and time consuming to learn? The answer to this question is yes. But with the right support, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first.

Experience the Croatian language and the Croatian world. Learn more about the culture, geography, everyday life and cuisine of Croatia. And practice new vocabulary and grammar in a playful way. You can find all this in the language magazine HRVATSKI!


The Flüchter Verlag Publishing Company

The Flüchter Verlag is a start-up company that specializes in material for learning Croatian. The concept of the publishing house is to combine reports and articles giving entertaining insights into Croatian life and culture with vocabulary lists and language exercises. The language magazine HRVATSKI! and the grammar overview My Short Croatian Grammar are published by Flüchter Verlag.

Combining Journalism with Learning Croatian

The language magazine HRVATSKI! offers 80 pages of interesting articles on topics ranging from language, culture, society, everyday life and cuisine in Croatia. It enables readers to expand their Croatian language skills in an entertaining way and to experience the Croatian way of life. With vocabulary lists placed right next to the article, reading and learning is made easier because the reader does not have to look up the meanings of underlined words in the text. The underlined words are right next to or below the article and are translated into English. The words in the vocabulary lists are additionally marked with the long or short accents. This way, the reader does not lose any time looking up vocabulary and the right intonation. With entertaining grammar and vocabulary exercises, readers can test their language skills.

The language magazine makes learning entertaining and is suitable both for self-study and for learning in a Croatian course. The articles are of different levels of difficulty (A1 – C2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and are therefore suitable for beginners and intermediate learners, as well as for advanced users. The texts are divided into five difficulty levels (very easy – A1, easy – A2, medium – B1/B2, difficult – C1, very difficult – C2), providing suitable texts for everyone. There are topics which serve to learn new things, and at the same time are good for advanced learners for reviewing and refreshing their vocabulary.

A Necessary Companion

The grammar overview My Short Croatian Grammar contains all the important grammatical topics at a glance on six pages. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate learnes as well as for advanced students. The grammatical topics are explained briefly and concisely, which is ideal for quick reference.

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